Independent Order of Vikings
Independent Order of Vikings (IOV) is a fraternal organization for men and women of
Scandinavian descent and their spouses. The IOV has lodges in a number of states
and offers insurance to its members. For more information about membership call
(309) 764-3753.
Thor Lodge No. 9 is the men's lodge in Moline. It was formed in 1901 as the first
lodge outside of Chicago and is today one of the largest I.O.V. lodges. It continues as
a very active lodge at the Moline Viking Club. The lodge meets at 7 PM on the first
Friday of each month.

Clara Lodge No. 118 is the women's lodge. Founded in 1947, it is one of two I.O.V.
lodges exclusively for women of Scandinavian descent. It meets at 7 PM on the
second Thursday of each month.

Find out more about the Moline Viking Club Banquet Hall. For weddings,
anniversaries & business meetings.

Independent Order of Vikings
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